Guidance to help you make best use of the mentoring network

Mentor Training Workshops

Mentor workshops aim to enable mentors to:

  • Define the role of the mentor and recognise the benefits of mentoring methodologies.
  • Understand the relationship between mentor and mentee and learn how to manage that relationship.
  • Enhance your own mentoring skills and style and practise these skills and techniques to facilitate effective mentoring.

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Mentee Training Workshops

Mentee workshops aim to enable mentees to:

  • Clarify what mentoring is and what is involved.
  • Define the roles of the mentor and mentee and recognise the benefits of mentoring.
  • Understand the relationship between mentor and mentee and what you can expect from the relationship.
  • Clarify and plan your development needs and understand how to search for a suitable mentor using the mentor network.

Training can be booked via the CoreHR Portal.  If you have any queries, please email:


Mentor Network Meetings

A series of Mentor Network events will be held throughout the year with the aim of providing an ongoing support network for mentors/mentees.

Mentors will have the opportunity to discuss the mentor role, share their experiences of mentoring, give feedback on the University Mentor Network and to learn and develop associated skills.

If you are registered with the Network, you will be sent an invite to the next meeting.  If you have any queries, please email:

Resources for Mentors and Mentees

Mentoring Guidelines

These guidelines will help both mentor and mentee understand the purpose, benefits and activities involved in the mentoring process.


Mentoring Agreement

This mentoring agreement can be used to record agreed logistics, boundaries and confidentiality for a mentoring relationship.


Mentoring Agreement with Guidance

This mentoring agreement is the same as the above with guidance for completion.


Mentoring Code of Conduct

This code of conduct underpins the approach to mentoring in the University of Liverpool Mentoring Network.


Powerful Mentoring Questions

This is a useful set of questions that mentors can use during a mentoring meeting.


Assess your mentoring Skills

This is aimed at mentors to enable self assessment of mentoring skills.


Mentoring Styles Questionnaire

This is aimed at mentors to enable self assessment of mentoring style.


Mentoring Session Record Template

This is a template that can be used to record the discussions and agreed actions from a mentoring meeting.


Mentee Benefits
Having a mentor can help you explore new approaches to deal with challenges in relation to your personal and professional development. A mentor will challenge, guide and encourage you to reflect, analyse and take action towards your own personal goals and aspirations.
Mentor Advantages
Mentoring others helps supports your own growth, provides increased job satisfaction, helps develop a range of communication and interpersonal skills and enhances your self awareness and reflective practice.
Opening Doors
Whether you are aiming for career progression, improved networking, enhancements in your working practices or greater insight into the barriers and challenges that are limiting your growth, then a mentor may be able to help.