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As a mentor, you will not only gain the satisfaction of watching your mentee progress, but you will also have the opportunity to practice your leadership and management skills, develop your communication and interpersonal skills and gain a broader and deeper understanding of your own working environment.

The profile you create will provide potential mentees with information to help them decide whether you would make a suitable match to support them with their professional growth. The type of information that helps mentees decide includes: personal attributes; career path; professional experience; work achievements; specific knowledge areas; membership of networks and associations and personal interests.

We expect mentors to attend a one day training workshop to: introduce the philosophy of the University of Liverpool Mentoring Network; define the arrangements for the mentoring relationship; introduce techniques and tools to support you to be effective in the role and explore the challenges and barriers and how these can be overcome.

Members of the network are also invited to Mentor Network meetings and events to enable mentors and mentees to meet face to face and discuss challenges and techniques and learn from each other.

Mentors and Mentees are also given access to the VITAL environment for the Mentoring Network where a range of training and other resources are available.

You will also receive update emails to keep you information of training and networking events.

Potential Mentees will contact you directly to discuss their development needs based on the information provided in your profile. If you both agree to enter into a mentoring relationship you will need to let us know that you have started a relationship. This will form the basis for the relationship between yourself and your mentee and will hide your record in the system (unless you choose otherwise) for the duration of the relationship.


Mentee Benefits
Having a mentor can help you explore new approaches to deal with challenges in relation to your personal and professional development. A mentor will challenge, guide and encourage you to reflect, analyse and take action towards your own personal goals and aspirations.
Mentor Advantages
Mentoring others helps supports your own growth, provides increased job satisfaction, helps develop a range of communication and interpersonal skills and enhances your self awareness and reflective practice.
Opening Doors
Whether you are aiming for career progression, improved networking, enhancements in your working practices or greater insight into the barriers and challenges that are limiting your growth, then a mentor may be able to help.